Favorite Blog Posts of 2019

Favorite Blog Posts of 2019

By the end of this year, I have written almost 50 posts. Which total about thirty thousand words. It has been an interesting mix of guides, reviews, personal posts, and so much more. So I narrowed down some of my favorites that I really want to spotlight from this last year.

Favorite Review


This one was so fun to write! I really enjoyed taking a different route on how I presented this particular review. Using a more story-driven kind of narrative. The whimsical feeling of it felt right for a very fantasy-driven toy. The review also has some of my favorite pictures of all time in it. During this outing, I totally scraped up my knee going for a good shot. Much thanks to my partner who was my lookout because I did it on a very busy Memorial Day.

Favorite Guide


To be honest, I have fallen out of the habit of writing guides. This was actually the only one I wrote really. There a so many extensive wonderful guides written out there already by other amazing bloggers. But it felt really good to get back in the habit. 2020 may see a small rise in the next year as I delve into more things. Let me know if there are any you would like to see in the comments!

Favorite Personal Post


In the sex blogging world, things have been a little turbulent this year. From more drama with Tantus and its founders. To Buck Angel going on a blocking spree of anyone who disagreed with him. To companies ignoring educators of color.

We are always ever-evolving and I wrote this piece because of it. We find ourselves changing and growing. Sometimes that growth is painful because of the trust we put into the person or thing.

Favorite Kink Post


I didn’t explore too much kink this year. But what I did write about focused a lot on healing my kinky side. This one was my favorite because it was that reminder that kink is what you make it. For me, that is sometimes finding ease with my mind and body. Seeing beauty in my skin that I had not seen before. It is a connection with myself as well as with my partners who I have dynamics.

Favorite Witchy Post


In truth, I didn’t write a lot of witchy things this year. So there wasn’t a large pool of things to choose from. Which is why I am honestly making 2020 a year that I delve into that side a little deeper. This post was just a start for me and I am excited to share more of my witch ways with my readers. But I will say that this one was just fun to write and reflect on the tarot in ways I had not before. So I hope you are all ready for a witchy 2020!

Favorite Worst Sex Toy


While now discontinued being sold by Shevibe after the community pretty much unanimously hated it. This review will live on in my heart of hearts. It is rare that I can find no redemption for a toy. And this one I honestly had a moment of just wanting it to burst into flames. As one reader commented ‘That was a roller coaster of a $90 disappointment’ and I couldn’t agree more. But at least I got to share a pretty good egg salad recipe with you all.

In the end, I have loved all of the posts I have written this year. And I can’t wait to see what I write next year. Did you have a favorite post of mine this year? Let me know in the comments!

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