Review: Tokidoki Unicorn Wand

Review: Tokidoki Unicorn Wand

Note: This Toy has been discontinued.

I am just the kind of person that is happily obsessed with unicorns. I am also a huge fan of wand vibrators. When I saw Tokidoki had come together to cross those two together, I was sold.
Tokidoki’s Unicorn Wand is part of a whole collection that is done in the cute Tokidoki style. The wand itself is an explosion of color from the tip of the cover’s soft pink horn to the deep black heart and crossbones of the Tokidoki logo. The wand top sports a normal shape of a round head, with some ridges on the side in bright magenta which allows for broad stimulation. Then comes with a silicone cap that looks like one of Tokidoki’s signature unicorns that has a horn that allows for pinpoint clitoral stimulation. The neck is bendable to make holding the toy more comfortable. The multiple vibration speeds are accessed by a simple scroll wheel that sits in the middle of the wand. The 6-foot cord allows for it to be able to reach across most beds and play spaces.

So what did I think?

The first time I broke out my Unicorn Wand I was excited. I wasn’t ready to try the clitoral stimulation yet because I love the build-up of using the wand head to get more stimulation to more parts than just pinpoint. Knowing I could enjoy it, I queued up a really fun scene and settled in.

Wands tend to take me a bit of time to get off with due to having a full labia that tends to muffle vibrations even when it is broad enough to give me clitoral stimulation.

However, before I could even ramp up to the high speed, I found the wand heating up. Then it got almost too hot to touch. I stopped it and put it down to switch to another toy already on the edge of an orgasm, but I didn’t want to blow out a toy on my first try at using it.

*Insert Record Scratch Sound Here*

It was a few days later reading the manual where I read the instructions:

“Do not use the want continuously for longer than 15 minutes and allow the unit to rest for 30 minutes between use.”

While that explained everything about what I experienced. It still shocked me. While I can get off in under 15 minutes when I have the time to settle in with some good porn and a toy I like to take my time. Having to wait 30 minutes between uses? Could it even get me off before it started to heat up? Well, this was going to turn it into a test. First I had to see if I went over the time limit with clitoral stimulation first.

Unicorn Wand (R) Original Magic Wand (L) Yes the cap fits on both!

My saddle’s waiting Come and jump on it

I was a little hesitant to use the want with the cap on. That cute face looked at me and I felt a hint of guilt. As I turned it on, I took a quick moment to test the vibration on my nose. With a sudden sneeze, that guilt was blown away. The vibrations traveled through the horn and didn’t dull one bit. In the 15 minutes before the wand handle started to heat up, I was able to get three orgasms. It was certainly a welcome surprise after what happened without it.

With that, I had to test the difference from my other corded wand. So I pulled out my Magic Wand, a toy that I had used often. Going between the two of them and soon dawned on me. The Unicorn Wand has a slightly more narrow wand head than the Magic Wand, the surface area that the Magic Wand head being just that slight bit broader is what helps me. I think this is due to the fact that I have as I have mentioned in the past more flesh around my labia due to being a larger woman which dulls the vibrations no matter what the speed so it now wasn’t a surprise why it was better with the pinpoint stimulation.
Overall, while it didn’t work for me like I would like a wand vibrator to work the fact that I can get super pinpoint clitoral stimulation with the Tokidoki Unicorn Wand makes it a winner in my book. It takes its place alongside my other wands that all do something just a little different and give me the variety that I enjoy with my sex toys when I am looking for a particular kind of orgasm vs. another.

Thank you to Shevibe for sending me the wand in exchange for this honest review. All writing and opinions are my own.

3 thoughts on “Review: Tokidoki Unicorn Wand

  1. Hi there, thanks for this great review. I’m just researching it at the moment. Do you happen to know why it has been discontinued?

  2. No worries. We were researching one because it was submitted to the marketplace and I was worried about your comment about possible overheating when you first used it. After reading other reviews that also adored the wand, we decided to approve it but we put a comment in about it for the buyers to see, and with a link to your review. It still seems a great wand! I hadn’t realized the head could come off and be fitted on lots of other wands too . So cool!
    (I’ll link directly to that for you on my details so you can see)

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