Guide: Condoms and Their Uses

Guide: Condoms and Their Uses

Condom use is an important part of safe sex. From how to use them to what they can be used for.

Condom Basics

Condoms are a thin sheath that covers the erect penis and works by stopping sexual fluids from passing between people during sexual activity. Most often they are made from latex or polyurethane. If condoms are used properly, they are 98% effective in preventing STIs and unplanned pregnancy. Condoms do not protect you from all STIs, such as herpes, genital warts, and syphilis which can be spread from skin-to-skin contact.

While generally used on someone with a penis. Condoms can be used on toys to keep them clean. Or modified to use on a partner with a vagina as well.

Build your own Dental Dam

While you can purchase dental dams, making one from a condom can allow your stash to do double duty. This is particularly good with flavored condoms that are made with thin material. All you have to do is unroll your condom, cut the tip off, then down the side. Boom! One flavored dental dam! Be sure to be careful when you pick your condom and not get one made with spermicide as that can cause irritation.

how to turn a condom into a dental dam for vaginal use

During Fellatio

Condoms also can be used during fellatio! Maybe you aren’t fluid bonded with a new partner? Or you don’t enjoy the taste of semen, but don’t want to get it on you. Condoms are the perfect answer to this. Again a flavored condom can be fun but isn’t needed. Though finding one that is free of lubrication is best for that. As it is not suggested that you ingest most lube. Once you are done, however, clean up is easy! Then you can switch to another condom for additional sex that you might be having with your partner. As you do not want to use a condom twice.

Careful with your Lube

When using condoms, you need to make sure you are using the right lube. In this case, you want to use either a water based lube or silicone lube. Oil based lube will break the condom down and cause it to break. Which of course no one wants to happen. You can also use a hybrid condom as well if that is more your style. Personally, my favorites are Silquid Sassy, Uberlube, and Silquid Silk. All three of these lubes are thick in feeling. The key here is to find what works best for you.

A trio of flavored condoms (Image From: Royal Condom)

Keeping your Condoms Fresh

Latex condoms have a shelf life of five years from the time they were manufactured. Condoms with spermicide have an even shorter lifespan of three years.  For this, you really want to make sure to always check the expiration date. Make sure you are leaving them in a cool spot. If a condom gets to warm the lubrication inside of the packet can dry out. So you want to make sure you are storing them well between uses.

If you aren’t a fan of always having to pick them up at the store. There are many places to shop online for condoms. This also allows your purchase to be discreet.

For more about condom use, check out how they can be used for anal sex or sex on your period in my other guides!

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