Toys to Try In 2019

Toys to Try In 2019

This year it is my plan to branch out more, try things new things. Explore new types of toys. Dildos, wands, and kink toys! Oh my! There is so much that I want to try this year. Be it more of my favorites or new experiences!

Toys from Split Peaches, Uberrime, Damn Average(?), and Exotic-Erotics

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This year I got to grow my fantasy collection with some wonderful things from Split Peaches. Unicorns and Giant Screws! But It left me wanting more. From toys that speak to my inner geek. To those that are clearly more monstrous. I want to start giving the toys that are off the beaten path more of a chance. Find new shapes and textures that my body enjoys. It is my hope to get just a few of them for review. Even perhaps a few custom ones if I am lucky from one of the many many Etsy shops I now am following.

Floggers, rope, and other kinky things!


Many kink things took a back seat this year. Mostly due to working some things out with my own mental state. I am hoping to make 2019 a little kinkier. I certainly have a few things in my queue that I haven’t had a chance to even try. But they are on the list once the new year is in full swing. Which funny enough a lot of my wishes are for impact play items because it has to be my top kink.

Okay so I have a lot…


One would think that I have enough wands. But they are the gadgets that I enjoy the most when it comes to sex toys. Last year saw an upswing in my wand collection. I think however my favorite was the Unicorn Wand, for the fun design.

There is so much out there still to explore. From high end to low, I really want to give more of them a shot. For the holidays, I gifted myself a Doxy Die Cast. So keep an eye out for that review! Wand attachments are also on this list, I have only tried one in the last few years. Though, I am hoping to branch out and see what else there is to offer!

Smaller Brands

Finally, I really want to try to support smaller brands this year. The stores small companies that are run solo or by only a couple people. It is my hope be able to even spotlight a few companies that only run on pages like Etsy. These businesses deserve to get their name out onto the blogs.

What is great is that, many of them crossover into my other categories. So it will be an interesting 2019 if I can cross all of them off my list! What kind of toys are you looking to try this year? Comment below if there are any that you think I should check out as well!

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