Share Our Shit Saturday – Summer 100 Week Two

Share Our Shit Saturday – Summer 100 Week Two

The second week of the first round, I was excited for what I was able to write. Though even more excited for what I was going to get to read. This round I found new bloggers who I am now following as well as things from a few of my favorites! From the start of a story to a tale of waxing, it runs an interesting gamut of reading.

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A Thirst For Knowledge Pt 1 – E.T Costello

This is the first part of what looks like it will be a very interesting bit of erotica, that I am certainly excited to read the next part of. I won’t give away the details, but it certainly caught my attention with all of the detail that he put into setting up their surroundings. It made me feel like I was almost seeing something that I shouldn’t in how he wrote the two quietly walking around catacombs and hallways.

Masturbation Though My Lifetime – Miss Scarlet Writes

One of the themes for this round was masturbation and Miss Scarlet knocked it out of the park. I love reading how it changed for her over her lifetime. Having also written about that same subject myself. It is so interesting to see how everyone experiences pleasure differently from one another.

Don’t Lose Your Writers Voice – Isabelle Lauren

This week on who makes Meg cry, the winner is Isabelle Lauren. Don’t worry these were good tears! Reading her post about finding her voice as a writer moved me. Hell, it was inspiring! It got me to start looking back over some of my own short stories that I had been hiding away. Who knows maybe a post or two this round will be some of my erotica.

Filthy F*cking Foods for Summer – Dildo or Dildon’t

Food and sex are not often things that go together for me. But this made me rethink it. The idea of it being a mood setter, the before. Also, I never knew that asparagus could be considered an aphrodisiac. She gives a few other amazing ideas for light summer foods. That when I put all together could make for quite a lovely dinner and dessert. Which could be perfect for a date night.

To Wax or Not to Wax? – Leila Loren

Waxing is something that I have always been on the fence about. A masochist I may be, but not that much. Reading about Leila’s experience with both traditional waxing and sugar waxing, was a nice comparison. Knowing the difference between both experiences was eye-opening. While I plan to stick with my methods, for now, I may check it out in the future.

Reclaiming Pleasure: A Radical Act – The Story of A

Ani’s post about reclaiming your pleasure for so many reasons made me excited. I one hundred percent agree that pleasure is a radical act. We have been taught and told by so many it should be shameful. That we should hide it. No matter what that pleasure is. In a time when as a world I believe we need it the most. Taking it back is one of those things that is just so close to my heart and soul these days.


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