Masturbation and Witchcraft

Masturbation and Witchcraft

Sometimes I masturbate for fun. Sometimes it is for stress relief. Every time it is to bring me pleasure. But then there are the occasions in which it is more than that. It is spiritual. It is a way for me to connect with my beliefs. Connecting my pleasure and my spirituality as allowed me to connect with it in deeper ways. Even finding how to really connect it into the witchcraft I work.

Something Witchy This Way Comes

A little background before I go too far. I am a polytheist pagan who would best fall under the umbrella of an eclectic witch. In my early days, I was closer to Wiccan but have since been building my craft my way. Greek, Celtic, and Norse magicks are the ones I have stayed close to. Though I also have incorporated Pop Culture as well as things from my Catholic upbringing into my Craft as well. It makes for an interesting mashup of magick that can sometimes be hard to explain.

Divination and Astrology 1 are also parts of my practice that are very close to me. You will never find me without a tarot deck on me or look up what the planets are currently doing.

bedside altar, sex toys, crystals, witchcraft
Bedside table altar, sex toys and crystals living in harmony

Sex Magic and You

This isn’t really a how to. Spirituality is like sex, everyone experiences it differently. What might work for me, may not work for you? It is just another one of those personal journies anyone can go on. I find that right now, my connections with sex and magick are a solo thing. It intertwines with my own journey of healing from my past traumas and becoming the person I am comfortable with.

Ritual Pleasure

Most of the time when I masturbate, when I am not testing for a review, it is sporadic. When is it for a witchy thing? I have it all planned out. Not unlike a BDSM scene. Candles, incense, music, and even what I am wearing2. Full moons and often the Equinox/Solstice holidays are when I perform rituals like this. It gives me a few weeks to take any notes and get ready.

Actual masturbation happens in two parts for me during these ritual sessions.

Grounding meditation

This is the kind of slow masturbation that allows me to relax. To take my time and think about my pleasure. The energy that I am feeling. These times I may not orgasm all the time, it is almost like spiritual edging. This happens at the start of what I am doing. Often til I feel ready to move on. It is like I am feeling my intent start to building in me and I can hold on to that feeling for what I am doing.

An Offering

This is when whatever magic or intent I am putting into the world is done. These always end in orgasm because the energy I create is what fuels it. It is my thank you to the universe for considering what I am trying to manifest. I tend to put a lot into these. Much like other offerings, but the only physical components it myself and sometimes a toy.

No matter the magick that I am choosing to work. The orgasm from it is always intense for me. When I am putting so much time and energy into it. It often leaves me drained and tired, seeking comfort, but feeling sated. There is a connection I feel in that moment to something just a little higher than myself. Everything seems to be just a little lighter. There are other times when I cry, my orgasm giving me the freedom to let out the emotions I just worked through.

(Credit BWSavannah)

Witchcraft After Care

Aftercare is also important, just like with a scene. Energy work can be intense, especially when you are working on digging into deep emotions. I always set myself up for personal aftercare. I even tend to go the same routes as I would if it was BDSM.

Though one that differs is I often journal afterward. I write about my feelings and what might be going through my mind. How the ritual or energy work made me feel. What intent I am working on. It is a way to ground myself once again and bring myself back down to earth. It is a wonderful end and a wonderful start that keeps me connected to my spiritual side.


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