Review: Sola Sync Wand

Review: Sola Sync Wand

Note: This toy has been discontinued, it can still be found in some places but it is hard to find. 

With a name like Witch of the Wands, I enjoy wand toys. It is one of my real loves. The size, the power, and of course the fact that they also can get out some amazing knots in my back. Seeing the Sola Sync I had to take a chance with it. The fact that it was cordless? Excited me. The idea that it was waterproof? Intrigued me. The knowledge that it could be remote controlled? Had me curious.

These are all things I have wanted in a wand. But would it have the power? We all know that not all wands are created equal. But I had hope for this one because of how much I loved the Sola Cue 1

Getting in Sync

The first thing you really notice about the Sync is the size and shape of it. Starting with the head, it is slightly more narrow than most wands. Then you notice it has a slight bend, rather than staying straight. Finally, the base of the handle is slightly broad and flat. Oh, and it has a remote control, as well as buttons on the toy. Each difference was vastly different from most wand toys I have gotten to use. They allowed me to play with the toy in different ways as well.

The Head

Because the head was slimmer. It sat between the lips of my vulva instead of sitting on top of them. As a plus-sized woman with more flesh, it allowed for more of the vibration to actually get to my clit. A feat only achieved before with an attachment in the past. Normally I either have to press very hard or use my other hand to spread my lips apart. A free hand is always nice. The fact that I did not have to press down hard, meant the vibrations did not dull for me.

The head also is flat on the inside bend before going into the curve of the tip. The flat edge was nice for letting the vibrations cover more area, and I could use the tip to focus on particular spots.

The Bend

The bend happens right after the head of the toy, going into the handle. It allows me to be able to hold the toy a lot easier. The bend allowing the toy to rest where I need it, without me having to give up being comfortable. Not having to worry about keeping my arm in a certain position. When I use wands that don’t have a bend, I always end up pushing down on the head to make it happen.

The Handle

There is a slender curve in the middle of the handle that broadens at the end. I found I could rest my hand comfortably on either. Allowing for different control. If I needed to press down I would hold it by the middle. If I wanted to move it easily, holding the end of the wand was the best. It as like

The Remote

So, a lot of the material talks about using it with a partner. But I seriously loved this on my own. Having my hand on the toy and keeping the remote near. I could change the vibration without having to take my hand off the handle. Lowering and raising the intensity of vibration. It was a game changer! It is small enough I really like resting it against the flat end of other toys I was using for penetration. The patterns are slightly raised so it allowed me to know what I was pressing without having to look.

So What Did I Think?

I certainly enjoyed the design, but there is more than that. The Sola Sync is nice and powerful. I enjoyed being able to slowly ramp up my speed. The rumbly vibrations reminding me of the Tantus Rumble but with a boost. It took me a few moments to remember which button was up and which button was down. The raised texture of each help in feeling the plus or minus sign.

While I did attempt to Sync in the Shower, it was not to my taste. Not because of the wand itself, that was more of human error. I am not a shower masturbater. But the water did not dampen the feeling of the vibration at all. When I can get access to a tub I plan to test it out there.

My favorite part? The remote. It was something I never knew that I needed! At one point in testing, it let me have a hand free. I could control the wand between my legs and use a toy with that free hand. Least favorite? It’s a thing I have issues with most wands. Use them too often and I get oversensitive, not less. But that is just my body.

Overall, I loved the Sola Sync. As a plus-sized person, it was a dream to use and I plan to suggest it to anyone is looking for a wand that fits a plus-sized body. Thank you to Shevibe for giving me the chance to review this wand!

Want to grab a Sola Sync for yourself? Shevibe has it and it qualifies for free shipping!


  1. Spoiler alert if you clicked this, they also pair so nicely together.

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