Seasons of the Witch: Autumns Eve

Seasons of the Witch: Autumns Eve

Summer has come and gone, while autumn has arrived finally. The leave changing colors and the air getting colder, bundling up under blankets. It really is my favorite time of year. This is not to say that Summer was not amazing. From participating in the Summer 100 challenge to getting to attend my first conference it was busy! My Polyam family and I also moved into our new house, finally finding a place that is all ours! I wish I could say that I have unpacked everything, but that is a slow process.

While it slowed me down, it didn’t stop me from being able to write some amazing piecesĀ that I really loved.

The conference allowed me to open up a lot more. I am already planning my next trip for 2019, I am thinking either PolyDallas or Sex Down South in Atlanta.

Coming Soon

I know that I have been putting up a lot of toy reviews as of late. From new things to former ones that had been posted before. Though after a lot of thought, I want to bring books back into the mix. From Fiction to Educational, it is my hope to run the gamut of book that fit under ‘sexuality’. So the toybox will soon be joined by my bookshelf! In fact, someĀ of my first reviews will be My Life on the Swingset from Cooper S. Beckett and Love’s Not Color Blind: Race and Representation in Polyamorous and Other Alternative Communities by Kevin Patterson. As I devoured both over the course of my summer reading. As well as some older books I am still really in love with.

Witchy Tunes

Of course, as is at the end of all of my seasons I share music with you all. These are songs that I have not only kept me going as we started our descent into autumn in September. But ones I will be continuing to listen to until the chill of winter is upon us. These are all wicked and divine in their own ways, some a little sassy and others soulful.

As always, these kinds of posts are made possible by the people who help support this blog through my Patreon! They get first look at it.

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