Character Collections: In The Name of the Moan

Character Collections: In The Name of the Moan

I grew up on 90’s anime. My big top three being Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2, and Revolutionary Girl Utena. The one that stuck with me through all of my years has of course was Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon was a contributing factor to a young Meg realizing she was not heterosexual. The fan fiction was also a door into the world of Polyamory, though I didn’t know it at the time.

After a late-night of watching the show, the thought in my head popped up suddenly. What kind of sex toys would the Sailor Moon characters have? Each one of them is so different in personality. They would no doubt have different tastes and wants.

While the characters are teens, this is not fetishizing their age or them, it is shown in the show and manga they all grow up by the end. Also in Neo-Tokyo, they have been protecting it for hundreds of years so I am pretty sure they are of legal age at that point. Also, this is hypothetical here and just for fun.

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Note #2: This post also contains multiple headcanons


about fictional characters. 

Usagi Tsukino/Serena/Sailor Moon

The Moon Princess’s aesthetic is no mystery she tends to go for things that are cute, feminine, and often have rabbits on them in a nod to her own name.  Of course, this means that her sex toys would follow suit.

Blush’s Lola Bunny jumped out at me first for a toy that would be by her bedside, the soft pink color, and the shape was just on the nose enough. But she also needs a toy for when she has once again forgotten to recharge it and would go for her Heart of Glass dildo instead. With it looking just like it could have been a weapon she might use to fight the monster of the day it was another quick pick. That or of course she could use the one that looks exactly like her Moon Wand from Geeky Sex Toys.

Ami Mizuno/Amy/Sailor Mercury

She Sailor Soldier of Water is a known bookworm, so my first thought went to her having an extensive collection of erotica and sex education books.

When it comes to toys, however, she would want something not only waterproof but discreet. The Yoru would certainly be one with its sleek design. Also maybe because it does sort of looks like a cute tiny whale. As someone who is into tech, I think she could also make many of the app-controlled toys work for her as well. For non-vibrating toys, I think something like the Bluetini NoFrillDo by Funkit Toys would catch her eye for its simple design and lovely color.

Rei Hino/Raye/Sailor Mars

With her high heels and her fiery temper, Rei has always had a dominant vibe to me. I could see her coolly wielding a flogger or tying someone up with a deep red set of rope. Playing with fire would certainly be on her list of kinks as well.

I feel like she would be drawn to the natural feeling of a wooden toy like the Nobesseans Seduction or Fling, paired with a Doxy Die Cast (in red of course). As she does enjoy feeling like a princess herself most of the time, it would be only the best for her. The Pure Wand would also be in her collection, a lover of temperature play.

Makoto Kino/Lita/Sailor Jupiter

Now for our Soldier of Thunder, I have a few personal opinions on her in the bedroom. The head canon for me is that behind closed doors and with a person she can trust. She is delightfully submissive. Her love of taking care of a home and cooking. Her dream to be a housewife added to this, just cemented that for me. The Hanging Heart Collar from L’Amour-Propre would catch her eye with her love of that particular shade of pink.

Back to toys, however, she loves gardening so my thoughts went to anything from the Leaf line. Then, of course, the Eco by Blush, being biodegradable and recyclable would also catch her eye. Picking a non-vibrator was actually hard to settle on just one thing. But I think the Tea Time Porcelain Pure Dildo by My Fuchsia goes right at home with the tea-loving lady.

Minako Aino/Mina/Sailor V/Venus

The Guardian of Love, she will wrap you up with her Venus Love Chain. A sensual lover who would be into shower sex and sensation play.

Massage oil would be right in her wheelhouse, a different scent for a different lover. For herself, however, I could see her drawn to classics. The Magic Wand Original, doubling as a practice mic when belting out her favorite idol songs. Tantus’ Goddess in pearl her treasure with or without its bullet. Of course, any of the Princess Plugs from Crystal Delight would catch her eye to add to her collection.

Of course, that is just the main five of the rather large cast of characters. There are still the Outers, Villians, and of course supporting characters that I could dive into. Want to see more or have an idea for what other things would work well? Feel free to comment below, I am always happy to gush about fictional characters and the hypothetical.

  1. headcanon. Noun. (uncountable) (fandom slang) Elements and interpretations of a fictional universe accepted by an individual fan, but not found within or supported by the official canon.

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