Episode 313: James Darling’s Solo

Episode 313: James Darling’s Solo

CrashPad is back and that means so are my reviews of their amazing scenes! They have reworked their studio set up to do distanced shoots with robotic cameras. Working with local performers either solo or sheltering in place together. While their director Shine Louise Houston communicates via a P.A. system. To keep everyone safe and take the idea of voyeurism to whole new levels!

“James Darling knows when you gotta stop and smell the roses… and your unders while you’re at it! He takes a whiff of both while he strips off and jerks off, every bit of him captured on cam. Some folks love a guy who gives them flowers; I love a guy who takes his pants off but puts his boots back on.”

Episode 313 Descripton

Solo Self Love

This solo scene with James Darling, who has done many scenes with CrashPad before. You can hear just at the start as James communicate with Houston over the system. Which is a detail I love that points out how solo this scene is. No one else is in the room as he smells the roses that he has brought for this occasion. Taking some of the petals off to smell and caress them over his lips before he starts to strip down. Not all the way, but also making a point to put his boots back on which I personally enjoy.

James Darling lacing his boots back up

It reminds me of how much in a time like this, taking time with ourselves is important. If you are your only lover right now, showing yourself love is a great way to get in the mood. Take that bubble bath, light those candles, or show yourself other acts of love that are your language to yourself.

Feeling Yourself

James continues the slow strip, while slowly starting to work his hands all over. As his shirt comes off he goes for one of the flowers. Running it over his chest, before pulling the petals off to just rub them along his skin. Playing with the different sensations that feel different from just skin on skin contact. From there he starts to masturbate, starting in a standing position before he has even gotten his underwear off. But when he does he takes the time to enjoy his own scent from them. And later sucking on his fingers after orgasm to taste himself.

Just one of the roses James brought for himself

This part particularly caught me, because so often our other senses can be forgotten as something sexual. Particularly one’s own scent and taste. It is something interesting to explore and very intimate. No one smells the same way. Doubly so you don’t smell the same way you might smell to another person. It is a way to get more in touch with your body and even what you might enjoy.

Switching the Positions

Throughout this whole scene, James goes through a number of positions. From standing, laying down, on his knees, and even on his stomach. Each position getting different reactions as he fucks himself with his well-lubed fingers. Different moans and different ways to work his body so that he can reach orgasm. Even bringing the flowers back out to enjoy the caress of the petals again.

James Darling (ands his boots) on his knees from behind.

Even during partnered sex, you tend to switch things up when it comes to positions. This is no different during solo sex. Things are going to feel different in various positions. But you also have to find what works for your body. While I love to get off while laying on my stomach, without a pillow to prop my hips up slightly it is hard to get off. For others being on your knees might be too much stress. Different positions give you a chance to play around with how you get off. It can prolong your orgasm or you may find one that gets you off in ways you haven’t thought you would before!

Solo Safety

One last thing I want to bring up comes up during the behind the scenes segment with James and director Shine Louise Houston mention solo sex as safer sex. Which I do agree with! But there are even some precautions that you want to take with masturbation on your own.

  • Wash your hands! Before and after. Especially if you have been out in the world before hand. Hands can carry so much on them from just the lightest of touches.
  • Wear Gloves! If you are worried about your hands not being clean enough gloves are always an option even during solo sex and can be a fun way to play with sensation.
  • Make sure your toys are clean! They may not have been outside or touched by anyone else. But they still can have things that linger. For a quick clean before use, I recommend wet wipes to just make sure everything is clear.

Thank you CrashPad for a chance at reviewing this scene for another wonderful Sex Ed Porn Review! If you want to check out more of their amazing scenes subscribe to CrashPadSeries.com!

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