Share Our Shit Saturday – Summer 100 Week Three

Share Our Shit Saturday – Summer 100 Week Three

Week three has kicked my butt in the getting posts of my own out, I did get a review done of the Sola Sync. Though I have been reading everyone else fantastic work. So, of course, I have my list of what I loved this week! The theme may have me a little stumped for what to write about. But many of the writers this week have hit the mark!


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It’s Okay Not To Enjoy Oral Sex: Thoughts On Compulsory Cunnilingus – The Story Of A

Ani is becoming one of my new favorites to read, this post is one that made me feel great. I have for a long time felt like oral sex was something I had to endure. I thought I was broken because everyone else seemed to enjoy it. But I have always been super meh. Just reading and knowing that others do feel this way, helps more than I could ever say. I know that this is going to be one post that I keep on hand for others who may think the same thing that.

Review: Gaia Eco – Lupespace

I love reading other reviews from my fellow bloggers, it always keeps me up to date on things that I might have missed. Seems I missed this rather well priced and biodegradable vibrator!? Don’t let the slim and basic design fool you either. Angel did an amazing job on explaining just how this vibe stands out among so many others. She also had me cracking up at the line, “I’m gonna need you to reduce, reuse, and recycle that attitude.”

The Importance of Cunnilingus – Miss Scarlet Writes

On the other side of the coin, when it comes to enjoying oral sex there is Miss Scarlet. While it may not be my thing, it was a great read to understand why it is hers. It gives me some great insight that I might not otherwise have thought about. Even helped me in thinking about if there is anything I do like about oral sex. It is a really great show of how important different views are when it comes to a single subject.

Fun with foreskin: tips, techniques, and .GIFs! – Super Smash Cache

Okay, first off. This was an amazing guide. Just hands down. But then she went and added some amazing gifs for added instruction. I won’t lie, I watched a few of them for a few good moments. All of my partners that have had penis’ have had foreskin to some extent. So it is a thing I have just always seen, but there are a few tips and tricks that I learned from this. It is certainly something I am going to give a shot the next time I am with them.

These are of course just a handful of the the third week of the challenge! There are so many more posted up in the guestbook. So be sure to check it out below! Also, don’t forget to follow #Summer100 on Twitter!


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