SwingTowns: A Dating Site for the Non-Monogamous

SwingTowns: A Dating Site for the Non-Monogamous

There are many dating sites out there. And while many of them give the option to flag as non-monogamous. Only a few are made for searching for just those in open relationships. So sometimes it can be hard finding others where you live that they can meet.

This is where SwingTowns comes in! A dating and networking site for swingers, polyamorists, and non-monogamists. This means even if you are new to the lifestyles or just looking to expand your horizons. SwingTowns can cover you.

Setting up on SwingTowns

From the moment I even started setting up my account I was really impressed with SwingTowns options. There are so many options for listing how you identify, both gender and sexuality. For gender, you get butch, femme, genderfluid, intersex, other, trans – F to M, trans – M to F, transgender, and woman. For sexual orientation asexual, bisexual, “bisituational,” gay, lesbian, other, pansexual, queer, straight, and unsure. And this is not the full list of either of the drop-down menus! The list was one of the most inclusive I have seen on a dating site. It was really great to be able to pick exactly what fit right in both categories for me. Rather than having to pick something close or just another ‘Other’ option.

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Choices! So many choices!

Then it moves on choosing how you identify between polyamorous  (“looking for friendships and emotional connection that may evolve into sex later”), a swinger (“looking for sex or sexual activities that may evolve into more sex and friendships later”), both, or neither. I found the way they identified both polyamory and swinging to be broad. You also got to set up your profile as an individual, a couple, a polycule, and swingers club. So it makes for a lot of options not only when looking for others, but how you want to put yourself out onto the site.

SwingTowns supplies optional prompts for filling out sections of your profile. Things like what you are looking for or what fantasies you have. Allowing you to expand on things you might be looking for in a partner sexual or otherwise. I like this because I could let people know I am Demisexual and that I have to have a connection before sex will often happen. It also doesn’t require your real or full name, and it doesn’t require photos that show your face.

Navigating SwingTowns

The privacy settings for SwingTowns is one of the first things I noticed. You can choose who sees your photos, who can message you, who can see your profile as well. One thing I liked was that even if you had started to message someone, but things go awry, you can block them without them knowing you have done so. You can also filter out particular demographics from your searches, but I could not tell if they can still find or see your profile. But you can always easily delete the messages.

Looking through other users you can either use a ‘nearby’ function so you can search in your area. Or there is a Tinder-like option that shows you a photo of a user. Allowing you to “pass” on them or “like” them. Though it doesn’t give you a lot of details other than maybe a photo if they have put a real or any photo. I am hoping that this gets expanded in the future to maybe see something they wrote on their profile even if it is just their sexuality and gender. I feel like Swingtowns right now leans more towards the needs of swingers couples. But that there will be an improvement as the site grows.

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So there are some ups and downs.

There were a few things I found a little rough about using the site. When someone requests seeing my profile. There is no option on the site to accept or reject the request. The only way I have found was through emails. Which you get so many of! If someone flirts or likes you, but you can only see it if you get the paid option. Messages and requests to join groups. I get a lot of requests from groups way outside my area or even country. So check your notification settings when you sign up!

You can upgrade to SwingTowns’ premium membership plan for $17/month or a discounted “lifetime” price. This gives you better search tools for finding matches, advanced privacy settings, and a few other perks. However, the basic features can work just fine for connecting with others if you are not able to pay for membership.

Overall, SwingTowns is a great platform for anyone looking to dip their toes into a more non-monogamous community. Even if you just want to find out where local clubs or groups meet, it is a good introduction! If you are want to read more on what SwingTowns is all about, check out their swingers blog!

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