Share Our Shit Saturday – Summer 100 Week 5

Share Our Shit Saturday – Summer 100 Week 5

This week for the Summer 100 we switched from the theme of oral sex and into relationships. I was able to write about my relationship with my body. One of my favorite things about these themes is seeing how others interpret them. With such a broad word like relationships, there is so much to write about. While I cannot wait to see what the second week will bring us. These are my favorites from the first week!

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Are Men Being Sexually Feminized? Exploring Men’s Sexuality Via David Ley’s Myth of Sex Addiction – The Story of A

In her post, Ani writes about thoughts that came up while reading David Ley’s Myth of Sex Addiction. She writes about the thoughts and questions that the book brought up for her in the last chapters. I don’t want to go into to much about what she writes and let her own writing speak for itself. For me, it did make me think and I even put the book she speaks about on my list to pick up later. So I knew it certainly caught my attention to think about these things more.

Millennials Might Be Recreating Relationship Dynamics – Krystle In Bed

Now I am on the very end of what qualifies as someone born in the Millennial generation1 What Krystle writes is a break down of how we are a generation that won’t settle for less. That we are redefining what is ‘traditional’ when it comes to relationships. Breaking out of the molds that the Baby Boomers and even some of Generation X still stayed in. In changing this definition we are also showing that love is not binary either.

How Not to be an Asshole to Your Insecure Lover – Dildo or Dildon’t

I almost wanted to just write a paragraph repeating the word ‘this’ over and over. But that really isn’t good writing. Though it does in that single word convey all of my feelings about this post. But Carly hit it out of the park. As someone who is super insecure on even my best days, I am so glad that this was written. Some may say that it is blunt, but this is one of those situations where blunt is needed.

How to Make Your PTSD More Manageable – Your Heavenly Body

Aria put together this amazing post from her own experiences, breaking down tips to manage PTSD. While I was familiar with safe words outside of BDSM. Her tips about sensory scans and movement practice are things I plan to add to my own PTSD management. They are not things I have tried before, but I think they will aid in helping me. This post was so helpful that I shared it with so many others.


  1. Don’t get me started on that mid-generation thing it makes me seeth.

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