Share Our Shit Saturday – Summer 100 Week One

Share Our Shit Saturday – Summer 100 Week One

I have always loved the idea of weekly roundups, there is so much fantastic content written by so many wonderful bloggers. Brining Share Our Shit Saturdays back to my blog was one of the answers The next few weeks are going to feature some of my favorite posts written by the participants of the Summer 100 challenge that Victora of Pretty Pink Lotus Bud and Isabelle Lauren are running this year. These are highlights of the ones that really caught me and why, but I implore you to check out the guestbook and read all of the amazing posts!

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“Calling In” – Who Is It Really For?

I read this piece a few times, not just because it was a good read. But because it taught me something. Angel writes about the differences between Calling Out vs. Calling In when you are trying to be heard. I have also tended to be the person to Call In or due to my anxiety not call at all. Though I also realize that I do have the privilege to do that, it has made me rethink. Why am I not using it more to help voices that are marginalized? What can I do be better?


Facebook Detox: Unplugging From Social Media as a Form of Self-Care

Cy of Super Smash Cache really got me this week with this one. So much so that I ended up taking a personal day on Friday from all of my Social Media. It was a reminder that, its okay to disconnect. We get so caught up in the daily goings on that it can cause us to miss things around us. I know for certain that sometimes my work can get sidetracked because of it. I have started putting my phone down more and focusing.


Self-Care is a Way of Life, Not an Activity

Media portrays Self Care as an indulgent thing, something they can honestly market most of the time. Ani’s post on Self Care as a way to live earned it a place in my bookmarks. Self Care is a form of activism not only inward but one we can take outward to our communities. How remembering that our time is also valuable and we get to decide what to do with it.  It is a piece I plan to keep on hand and share often.


Body Positive Journey – Looking in the Mirror

As someone who is also working on my own journey in being body positive, My Messy Room made me feel some things. I had never thought about spending some time in the mirror just my body and me. The thought is actually a scary one because it is something I tend to avoid from the neck down without clothes on. Though I have decided challenge myself at some point because of her words.


When Do I Get to Be Proud?

This piece by Aria Vega spoke to my heart. Her words about being proud during Pride Month are ones I have had. Not feeling like you belong due to gatekeeping that you aren’t the right kind of queer. Not feeling welcome at mainstream Pride events and the anger at police being at Pride. Her words about visibility and brought emotions and tears. It was just beautiful writing and a reminder that not everyone feels the same during Pride.


Until Next Week!

This wraps up this weeks selection, please do check out all of the other wonderful posts that have been put up for the challenge! Everyone has written some great work and I cannot wait to see what the next week brings! Also if you are on Twitter make sure to check out #Summer100 for posts when they happen!


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