Review: Viotec Titan Wand Massager

Review: Viotec Titan Wand Massager

Sex toys are often very simple and stay the same across the board. But the Titan by Viotec is different. It like the rest of the Viotec line use touch panel technology for its control panels. Of course, I had to try it when Vibed suggested it for review upon contacting me. Being the Witch of the Wands is a title I must uphold, I am rather honor-bound to try all the wands!

So let’s jump in with the stats and then get to my feelings! Because there is a lot to cover.

Viotech Titan sitting among tarot cards

Viotec Titan Wand Stats

The Viotec Titan wand is a rumbly wand with a touch panel for operating its 5 vibration speeds and 7 vibration patterns to cycle through. As well as a boost button to push the wand to top speed instantly even when it is on its lowest speed/pattern. At its highest, it goes up to 9000 RPM. Made of soft velvety silicone for the majority of the wand body, and plastic for the touch screen and charge ports. The wand head is extra squishy. This wand is rechargeable via an included USB cord. With 3 hours of charge, you get 10 hours of useable time. While it is splash-proof, it is not waterproof so it is best to use this one in the shower and not the tub.

Control Panel Details

The control panel of the Viotech Titan is both a touch screen and buttons that you press. You turn the toy on by pressing the power button at the bottom for about 5 seconds. It will buzz to let you know it is on, then once you get the vibrations started by pressing it again. You can choose to adjust the speed by sliding your finger over the middle portion up or down. To get to the patterns you have to click through but then can control their intensity with the touch panel. And you also have the button at the top which you can hold down to get the most intense speed right away, but you have to press it the whole time.

  • Length: 8.25 inches
  • Head Width: 2 inches

So What Did I Think?

With any new type of control, it took me a little bit to get the hang of it. The only touch panel item I own is my phone. So it was branching out into new tech territory. First, learn how to manually cycle through the vibration speeds on the Viotec Titan. It is the only way you are able to reach the patterned vibrations, so it is a good thing to get the hang of it.

But after I had the basics down, I started to play with the touch screen. I am surprised to say I enjoyed it so much. Being able to swipe my finger up or down the middle of the wand was so smooth and seamless. It allows for a very quick change in the speeds. Quicker than pressing the button by just a few split seconds. But I loved it for keeping myself on the edge of an orgasm or if I had sped up too quickly.

Now the only downside, is that it is super sensitive to touch. So if you find you are at a good speed and say your finger brushes over it then it might suddenly go up or down on you. I found the best way to combat that was by turning the controls away from my hand. As well as holding the Titan closer to the bottom or top. The controls are still reachable but it keeps your fingers from catching you by surprise.

The soft head was also really pleasant. It is squishy enough that it causes there to be a slight bit of drag in the silicone. So when I am using the curve of the wand to press against my clit. It gives it just the smallest bit of resistance that my clit can rub against. Which with the rumbly deep vibrations of the toy is an excellent combination. Normally I like a buzzier toy but this was the perfect amount of power and rumble.

About the Booster Button

If there is any part of the toy that I did not use, it was the booster button. After my initial testing of it, I found that it was just awkward to use. You have to press and hold it down, which can get a bit tiresome on the digit you are using. But if you want it for a small teasing rev of power while you are in the lower settings it can be nice.

Overall Thoughts

The Viotec Titan is a toy that surprised me with how great a new control style can be. This wand is powerful enough to stand up to other high-end powerful wand toys at half the cost, as it sells for $65.85 through Vibed. While it did have some downsides they didn’t detract from how well the toy did perform. The size is comfortable to hold without being too heavy or hard on the wrists as well.

You can get your own Viotec Titan through Vibed by using any of the affiliate links throughout this review!

Thank you Vibed for sending me the Viotec Titan in exchange for this unbiased and honest review.

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