Review: VeDo Yumi

Review: VeDo Yumi

As I have stated many times on this blog, I adore clitoral vibration. It is my absolute jam when it comes to ways to make myself orgasm. I also love toys that are easy on my hands. When I saw the VeDo Yumi, I knew I had to see how it held up to other ‘finger’ vibrators. And I was very lucky that Vibed was able to send it out for me to accomplish this task! 

VeDo Yumi Stats

The VeDo YUMI is a uniquely shaped vibrator that is made to sit easily between your fingers. Made of a slick smooth silicone, it has a nubby tip that gives you the ability to have pinpoint accuracy. Or you can use the round smooth bulb side against the skin as well. The powerful motor is whisper-quiet, with 10 rumbly vibration modes. There is one button on the opposite end of the Yumi to turn it on/off and cycle through the vibrations. When fully charged, it has about 1 hour of use. It is waterproof and completely submersible, so it’s safe for both the shower and tub.


  • Length: 1.96″
  • Width: 1.57″

So What Did I Think?

This is a small vibrator, and I was prepared for that. But somehow it still shocked me how the Yumi fit so well in my hand. If it wasn’t for the finger grooves, I could hide it from sight. The round shape allows the toy to fit the natural curve of my fingers. Being able to palm the Yumi like this allows for two options: I can maneuver the toy to use the pinpoint bump, or I can use the rounded edges to grind against. 

Even in the lowest settings, the Yumi has a lot of rumbly power that only grows. Though perhaps not as powerful as other similar vibrators, it does get very close and I almost could not tell the difference between a few of the toys I tested it against. Like the Noje B6, which I also adored for many of the same reasons. 

Using it in the shower was also rather lovely. I didn’t find myself fumbling to keep it between my fingers that still were slick from water. Plus it tucked into my shower caddy without standing out like other toys might. This gave the Yumi points for being rather discreet. 

With this toy, I only have a few issues. First is the on/off button. I know that it has to be small to fit the specifics of the toy. I just wish the pattern used to signify where it is was raised more so that I could find it quicker. My other is the run time. I loved using the toy so much that I would go well past the hour and find myself almost at orgasm right before it turned off. That sort of relegated this toy to a warm-up one, rather than one I would use for the main event. This did have its upsides, such as being able to jump from the Yumi to any of my favorite powerful toys and not need to start on the lower settings. So perhaps it is less of an ‘issue’, but I still felt it should be noted. 

Overall Thoughts

For me, the VeDo Yumi is a treat. None of the small issues I had taken away how much I enjoyed playing with it. The size makes it perfect to sit on a bedside table or in a travel bag. Another plus is that the Yumi comes in under $50, being sold at Vibed for $43.99, so is good if you are looking to save on a powerful, but discreet, toy.  It comes in both purple as shown in my review and aqua.

Thank you to Vibed for sending the VeDo Yumi to me in exchange for this unbiased review. As well as a thank you for being a sponsor of Witch of the Wands. All writing and opinions are my own.

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