Review: Sportsheets Silicone Mouth Gag

Review: Sportsheets Silicone Mouth Gag

Gags are something that I have a fascination with and I think they fit well with my oral fixations. Seeing the Sportsheets Silicone Mouth Gag on Vibed intrigued me. The bright shiny lips, glistening cherry red. Large and open so that anything can easily slip between them. I had to know how they worked. Vibed gladly provided them for review, so my excitement only grew! 

Sportsheets Silicone Mouth Gag Stats

This silicone gag is shaped like an open mouth, sort of akin to that of a sex doll’s open mouth. Or as others may call them, bimbo lips. Much like a ring gag, it keeps the mouth open and rests behind the teeth. The strap that holds the gag in place is made of vegan leather. From end to end it is 25-inches in length to fit a variety of heads. There is a buckle closure that allows you to easily adjust and fit it to your needs. The inner ring of the Silicone Mouth Gag is 1.5 inches around. The outer ring where your lips sit is about 1.75 to 2 inches around. 

While the silicone can be cleaned with soap and warm water, you want to just wipe the straps down with a damp cloth. The Silicone Mouth Gag is available in 3 different colors red, black, and pink. 

So What Did I Think

At first, I was a little worried when I looked at the shape and size of the thin ring you wrap your lips around. My mouth is rather small and so I have to be careful with gags. However, I was pleased with how flexible the silicone of the lips was. It allowed the ring to move and bend with the shape of my teeth. This kept my mouth open, but also allowed me the movement of my mouth. After about thirty to forty-five minutes of wear, I did find that the edges of the ring did start to irritate my gums and inner mouth. I would suggest keeping an eye out for the same issue depending on your own mouth shape. 

The shape of the gag leaves your tongue free to move around as you please. It also catches all of your salivae easily. After only about ten minutes, the wearer can easily drool as saliva slips down the bottom lip. The ring is large enough to fit most phallic objects, be it a dildo or a penis. With the tongue being the only accessible thing through the ring, this can be perfect for cunnilingus as well. The stretch and flexibility of the gag make it very easy to use for many activities. The strap was also very comfortable, with the metal bits sitting well against the mouth. The faux leather did not bite into the skin or cause any chafing. 

One of the only issues I had with the ring was user error. My front teeth are rather small, so they caused a strange bend in how the upper half of the ring sat in my mouth. Even still, that did not render the gag unusable. I just had to continue to adjust every so often so that it didn’t catch on to anything. 

Overall Thoughts

While it did not work perfectly well for me, this was a fun gag to wear. I absolutely loved the look of the gag on, especially after doing up my eye makeup to make the lips pop even more. Make sure you check the measurements and what your own mouth is able to handle. This can be a great addition to any kink set! 

You can get your Sportsheets Silicone Mouth Gag from Vibed for $14.98 in red, pink, or black to fit any mood or aesthetic you might be looking for. 

Thank you to Vibed for not only Sponsoring this blog but for sending me the Sportsheets Silicone Mouth Gag in exchange for this review. All thoughts, opinions, and writing are my own. 

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