Review: Sixty from SXOhh

Review: Sixty from SXOhh

Please note, this toy has since been discontinued! But please enjoy this review!

As someone who gets off normally through clitoral stimulation. I am always just a little intrigued by new toys in that category. To be honest, I have the toys that I use almost daily for that task. So when SXOhh contacted me to review their Sixty a new toy made in partnership with Nu Sensuelle. I was intrigued.


Sixty as a toy on their site asks you to give them 60 seconds, as in the power in the toy will make you orgasm in a minute.[Note]Please note, that not all bodies can orgasm in 60 seconds or less. All bodies are different! This is marketing and nothing more![/Note] Its small size for a toy is only about an inch around and for its length just over 5 inches.[Note]Literally 5.1 inches to be exact.[/note] 7 speeds and 13 patterns are all packed into this small package. Each level given its own adjective to express just how intense the power is.

The Sixty’s magnetic charge port and matching cord.

Because of the magnetic charging port, it allows the Sixty to be fully submersible. There are also the simple up and down . An interesting feature being no matter which of the two buttons you use to turn it on, the other button will become the opposite of what you need. Something I have never seen in a toy before. So thumbs up for that alone. The two-hour charge gives about 40 min of play.

Good Things Come In Small Packages

To be honest. I was very hesitant to think that the Sixty would work for me. There have been toys in the past that claim their power can make you get off in under a minute. But when I first turned on the Sixty, I was floored by the power even on the lowest setting. This little bullet is a powerhouse.

The Sixty fitting in the palm of my rather small hand

Because of the shape of the Sixty, the sleek tip and slightly slimmer middle I found it easier to hold. The tip itself was gentle against my clit, allowing me to add pressure as I needed. The pressure and the power combination was all it took for me to get off. Not in the 60 seconds, but it was closer to 90. Still a pretty big record for me. After that, I almost had a burst of adrenaline, finding that I wanted another. A rare occurrence for me, as I am not often multi-orgasmic without forcing it. I realized it was because I didn’t feel the vibration as heavy as it was where you hold the toy, compared to the tip. Meaning my hand wasn’t going numb!

After that, the Sixty lived under my pillow for weeks.

Overall Thoughts

While it is not listed as a bullet vibrator, that is what I am using it for and honestly suggest it for. If you are a fan of smaller internal vibrators this one may also work for you. But the power is real with the Sixty, so it is going to be one that any power nobility will enjoy!

Thank you to SXOhh for giving me a chance to review the Sixty in exchange for this review.

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