Review: Ruse Jimmy

Review: Ruse Jimmy

Sleek, sturdy, and cherry red. These are likely words you would expect me to use talking about a car. Not a dildo. But as I looked at the Ruse Jimmy by Blush as it stuck to my wall, it was all I could think about.

Ruse Jimmy

The Ruse Jimmy is from the Ruse line by Blush, most of them are much like this one. Coming in a standard red, black, or pink coloring. With a slightly realistic look. The Jimmy itself is just the realistic shaft with soft veins and a firm head. Coming in at about 7.5 insertable inches and 1.5 inches around it is a rather average shaped dildo. While it is realistic looking it does lack having a scrotum so the toy is useable down to the base.

The suction cup is fairly strong, however, it is also harness compatible so you can use it both ways. The flared base also allows for this toy to be used for anal which is a big plus.

A red realistic dildo on a grey background laying on a spread of red playing cards fanned out.
Ready to take a gamble?

Trick or Treat?

As a toy, Jimmy is rather basic. For me, it is like the slimline vibrator of suction cup dildos. A nice size. A good shape. The firm head is great against my g-spot, and it got me off. In the shower, it held on to the tile almost a little too well. But that is honestly a good thing when it comes to suction cup toys in my book.

No, where the Jimmy really shined. Giving it a shot at using it for anal. I don’t often use anal toys. Especially not ones that are realistic. Though the slim nature of the toy, had me try it. And it felt amazing. With enough lube applied I found myself enjoying the Jimmy quite a bit. The head while the firm was not rock hard, having a little give. The veins not pronounced did not make me feel the texture too much. But the big thing was the silky feeling of the silicone. It made the whole process just go so smoothly. This Ruse was a treat indeed.

Overall Thoughts

The Ruse Jimmy, is a toy that is very simple and basic. That much is certain. But sometimes that is all you need. A simple basic toy that is going to meet your needs. This would be perfect for beginners or anyone who needs a body safe toy under 30 dollars.[Note]At the time of posting listed price was 25.99[/note] Anybody can use this and I would honestly recommend it to anyone.

Thank you Shevibe for sending me the Ruse Jimmy in exchange for this unbiased review. All thoughts in this post are my own. This review contains affiliate links that go towards supporting this blog.

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