Review: ROMP Flip

Review: ROMP Flip

Vibed really knew how to approach me based on my name. When talking about things to review, wands was the number one choice. The ROMP Flip was the second one that caught my eye. And looking at it how could it not? In a world of wands that are either very plain or very gendered, this one stands out. Always willing to add another wand to my collection, I took the chance. So let us break this wand down and see what it does.

ROMP Flip Stats

The ROMP Flip is a compact wand vibrator. While it is smaller than many wands on the market. It boasts to be just as strong. With 6 vibration modes and 4 pattern modes. It has a flexible head, so it can be used all over the body for pleasure or massage. The material of the Romp Flip is mostly all over a soft the touch silicone, though it does some plastic parts as well. It is 100% waterproof so you can use this anywhere near the water.

It comes with a USB cord for recharging, which provides 60 minutes (1 hour) of use at high speed. To clean you will want to use soap and water or silicone-friendly toy cleaner.


  • Length: 9.25″(overall), 
  • Head: 2.5″

What Did I Think?

The first thing that drew me into the ROMP Flip was the colors. The bright blue with bright yellow details reminded me almost of a Pokémon. It makes the whole toy seem kind of whimsical. Certainly causing it to stand out from your normal wands. The round smooth head was another change from what I am used to. The shape to me is almost ball-like at the end of a stick.

The first thing I noticed, however, was the sound the buttons make. A distinct click each time you press down on them. Which isn’t bad for when you hold the power button down to turn it on or off. But when the clicking of the buttons is louder than the vibration it is very noticeable. It reminded me very much of the sound a pen makes when you click it. So while the vibration is quiet, the use of the toy is not. It cannot be heard from another room, but if you are sensitive to certain sounds you will want to take that into account.

Then we get into the power of the toy. For me, it didn’t seem to be all that powerful. Especially when I could not tell the difference between two speeds. They all sort of blended together in the middle, while the low and high had distinct differences. Now, this could have also been due to my body shape, because I do have an extra area around my labia vibrations that do get muffled. But the head is so small that it gets surrounded by flesh. The shape of the head is also so rounded that there is nothing to grind against unless I bare down on the head. This because of the very flexible neck can happen but it is a drain on my hand as I have to hold it in at a very particular angle. Though even against my body the vibrations still seemed softer than I expected. It is on the lower end of what I consider powerful vibration.

A comparison of the Romp Flip and Magic Wand Heads.
Romp Flip (left) and Magic Wand Rechargeable (right)

Overall Thoughts

While the Romp Flip is not a toy that I will find myself grabbing when I want a wand. I can see it as one that others could enjoy! If you like a toy that is powerful, but not overwhelming in its vibrations. Or if you prefer smaller compact toys that tend to be lighter. Another great thing about this wand is that you do get a nice travel-friendly wand for under $40. 1 So while it didn’t work for me, I think it will be a hit with people for who this style of wand is made.

Thank you Vibed for sending me the Romp Flip in exchange for this unbiased review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

  1. $39.99 on Vibed at the time of this post

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