Review: Opulence Wand by CalExotics

Review: Opulence Wand by CalExotics

If you send me a wand, I will eagerly review it. So I was very excited to see the Opulence Wand by CalExotics. Sent over to me by Betty’s Toy Box. Cordless wands have been the bulk of what I have tried in the last year. So I was eagerly ready to try another. And one that boasted to have powerful vibrations.

Opulence Wand Stats

The Opulence Wand by CalExotics is made to be a toy that is as luxurious as it looks. It is a sleek wand, with a narrow head made of soft body-forming silicone and a flexible neck. The accents and buttons on the toy are made of plastic with a metal plating to give it a bit of shine. It sports a Tungsten motor, with six vibration functions and five speeds. Once charged, which takes about an hour, it has up to three hours of playtime. It is charged via a USB cord and the port makes it waterproof, so you can use the Opulence Wand in the tub or the shower.

To turn on the Opulence Wand, you hold down the power button for 5 seconds before it will light up. Then you can move through the speeds by pressing the plus (+) or minus buttons (-), and if you want to cycle through the functions you just press the ‘F’ button.


  • Overall Length:  10.75 Inches  x 1.75 Inches
  • Head Length:  2.5 Inches x 1.75 Inches
Opulence Wand

So What Did I Think?

As always, I am excited to try any wand that crosses my path. The Opulence Wand intrigued me because it boasted a powerful motor in such a small cordless wand. And right out of the box, it blew me away with the kind of power it has. While perhaps not as powerful as the popular wands out there, it has quite a bit of buzzy oomph behind it once you get up into the higher settings. I especially love that you can raise the vibration levels on the patterns as well. Normally I am very meh about patterns, but the ability to be able to intensify them actually had me enjoying a couple!

Opulence Wand Buttons
So many buttons!

Speaking of the patterns, the controls are so easy to use. I absolutely adore that they gave a separate button for the pattern function, rather than stick them all at the end of the low to high settings. It gives me the choice to play with the patterns or just stick with the steady vibration.

I am also a fan of the narrow head that the Opulence Wand sports! I am able to get slightly more pointed attention to various areas on my body, rather than with a larger head that gives much broader vibrations. This was especially helpful with it being on my clit. As a plus-sized individual, I have more flesh around my vulva and this makes my clit farther back. So because the head was narrow, it meant there was less flesh being moved and I could focus more on the vibration than what my skin was doing.

Sometimes, flexibility isn’t good.

There was only one complaint I had about the Opulence Wand: the neck. For me, it is way too flexible and I found it slipping away from the areas I would have it against. Whenever I added too much pressure, the neck would flex more. When I am getting off, pressure against the area is a need for me. So this left me adjusting and adjusting. While I did get off, it took a lot to get there. If there had been just a little less flexibility, it would have been perfect. But if you, like me, need pressure against where you have placed, this is something you need to be aware of in this toy.

Overall Thoughts

If you are looking for a fat-friendly, powerfully buzzy, flexible wand, the Opulence Wand might just be the one you are looking for. The controls and the multiple functions are also wonderful as well to have if you like variety in vibrations. While it only worked so-so for me, I know there are many people who would love it. If that person is you, Betty’s Toy Box carries it for $119.99!

Thank you to Betty’s Toy Box for sending me the Opulence Wand in exchange for this unbiased review. All writing and opinions are my own.

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