Review: Nu Sensuelle Point Plus

Review: Nu Sensuelle Point Plus

2021 is the year of testing out new companies! While Nu Sensuelle has been around for some time now, this is my first time getting to try one of their lines. The Nu Sensuelle Point Plus is just like their award-winning Point. But it comes along with a few extra accessories along with the standard bullet. So let’s check out the stats before we get to the rest.

Nu Sensuelle Point Plus Stats

Nu Sensuelle Point Plus and accessories

The Nu Sensuelle Point Plus is a powerful bullet vibrator with 20 vibration functions. You get 6 low to high speeds, then 14 different patterns. You cycle through these speeds and patterns using the buttons on the bottom. These buttons also both turn the bullet on and off. The on is instantaneous, while to turn it off, you need to hold the button down for three seconds. Each bullet is double dipped in silicone to give it a soft texture that easily slides over the skin. There is also a rose gold chrome option that is fully plastic. 

Along with the bullet, the box also contains two sleeves that can go over the tip of the bullet. One sleeve has small flexible nubs, while the other is designed with wavy ridges. Both have a squishy but firm sensation. The base can be used not only for display but also serves as the charging port. There is a USB cord that comes along as well as a bag to hold all of the parts. It takes 2.5 hours to charge the toy to full when the battery is out, and the working/playtime of the bullet is around 60 min. This will depend a lot on what speed or patterns you are using. 

If you have the silicone dipped version, be sure to only use water-based lubes. But with the chrome version, you can use any lubrication. Cleanup is simple with just soap and water, or toy cleaner. The Nu Sensuelle Point Plus is also waterproof, so you can use it from the tub to the shower. 


  • Weight: 30 g/0.07 lbs
  • Length: 9.2 cm/3.6 inches
  • Width (Base): 2.3 cm/0.9 inches
  • Width (Tip): 1.9 cm/0.75 inches

So What Did I Think

Nu Sensuelle Point Plus bullet

The first thing that stands out about this toy is the enormous number of functions this bullet packs in it. As I cycled through each, it got a little confusing once I got past ten on which pattern really did what. Each pattern however is varied and different from one another. So it makes it a little surprise as you move through them. From the moment you turn on the Nu Sensuelle Point Plus, you can feel how powerful the bullet is. Even on low, it has some deep buzzy vibrations that travel through the whole toy. However, the majority of the vibrations stay near the tip so you can easily hold on to the toy. I did find that using it for about 15 min straight did cause a little numbness in my fingers. 

The silicone sleeves that come along with the Point Plus are soft to the touch and very squishy. They slip over the top of the bullet easily and come off with no issue either. I found the ridges sleeve to be my favorite. The ridges were perfect for having an edge to grind against. But I also loved the sleeve because it dulled the feeling of plastic on my skin, which sometimes can sting my skin rather than feel good. Because mine was made fully of plastic and not dipped in silicone like the others in this line, they might not have that same issue. 

There was only one big downside to Point Plus: the light that comes on when the toy is in use. While it is certainly helpful to find if you drop it in the dark or under furniture, it flashes very fast in some settings. It was enough to trigger my photosensitivity when it comes to strobing lights. Others who are more sensitive may want to avoid this one as it seems like it could very easily cause a seizure. 

Nu Sensuelle Point Plus sleeves

Overall Thoughts

The Nu Sensuelle Point Plus is a powerful buzzy vibrator. Those who need that buzzy feel will certainly enjoy it. It comes in a number of colors so it will fit your personal asthetique. I also do love that it is under $100 for a toy that comes with so many vibration options. Plus, if you don’t necessarily want the silicone sleeves, you can get the standalone Point, which has the same functions minus the add-ons. 

You can find the Nu Sensuelle Point Plus at Vibed for $79.99 and the Point for $54.99. 

Thank you to Vibed for providing this product in exchange for this unbiased review. All writing and opinions are my own. 

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