Review: Lush Allana by Blush

Review: Lush Allana by Blush

I have delved into the Lush line from Blush before with the Juna, which was a toy that I rather enjoyed. So of course it made me curious how the other toys in the line held up. Naughty North gave me the chance I was looking for, with the Lush Allana, so let’s get into the facts first. 

Lush Allana Stats

Lush Allana and charge cord

The Lush Allana is a silicone-covered small rechargeable wand vibrator. It has 20 different speeds and patterns for you to choose from to find what works best for you. The head of the wand is not only flexible but it is also ridged with texture for extra sensation.

This USB rechargeable wand is both waterproof and submersible. This makes it easy to clean and easy to take care of. It comes in a deep pink/magenta color with gold accents. 


  • Overall Length: 6.5 Inches 
  • Overall Width: 1.5 Inches

So What Do I Think?

In the description of this wand, it touts that the vibrations are rumbly, but I found it to be anything but. Scrolling through all 20 different settings, I found each one to be extremely buzzy. And while it is powerful, even on the lowest setting, the vibrations go through the entire wand, handle and all. 

Between the vibrating handle and the buzzy nature of the vibrations, my hands went numb very quickly. Numb to the point of not being able to hold the wand or want the vibrations against any part of my body. So testing was over as quickly as it started. Because as someone who already has chronic pain in my hands, this was just a bad match.

This is not to say the Lush Allana is a bad toy, however. I just, unfortunately, cannot test this toy to the best of my ability without harming myself. And that wouldn’t be fair to it. If another blogger that I personally trust for sex toy reviews happens to write about this particular toy, I will update this review in the future to hopefully give a different perspective from someone who can use the toy safely. It just goes to show that you sometimes have to do some searching when finding toys that will work for you and your body’s needs.

Overall Thoughts

I wish that I could have given the Lush Allana a proper review because I believe in giving every toy I review the same considerations. But unfortunately, this was just not to be with Allana.

Thank you to Naughty North for sending the Lush Allana my way, even if it didn’t work out as hoped.

You can purchase the Lush Allana from Naughty North for $74.99 CAD

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