Review: Hole Punch Butnik

Review: Hole Punch Butnik

Note: While this toy has not been discontinued, it is no longer carried at Shevibe. All links lead directly to Hole Punch Toys

One of my goals as I grow as a blogger is to support more small companies. It has been a thing I have done since I first walked into one of the local shops in Chicago. When I saw I had a chance to review a toy made by Hole Punch. I took the chance and picked up the Butnik for review.

What’s In A Name?

Three things drew me to the Butnik. One, the name. A cheeky play on Sputnik the name of one of the first rockets sent into space.  The second, it is a toy that comes with two parts a plus and a cock ring. It is made to not only store or travel well. Third, the colors are so out there. I had a chance to get a blue and orange colored one. The hidden nod to my former HS I couldn’t resist as a slight perversion of my life.  

Getting it out of the box from Shevibe the first thing that got me was the packaging. Most toys I get are in boxes that are inside boxes. This was a simple tube meant for shipping posters with their logo on it. The Butnik and an info card inside. That was it and it was perfect. I actually kept this packaging because I can use it for travel all on its own.

Butnik Plug

  • Medium Stiff Silicone
  • 4 7/16″ Total L3.75″ Insertable Length
  • 1 1/2″ At Widest Point
  • Throat length 1 1/8″
  • Throat width 11/16″

Butnik Ring

  • Super Soft Silicone
  • Hole 11/16″
  • 1 5/16″ Length
  • The ring can stretch to accommodate a diameter of about 1.5″

So the Butnik is not the widest plug I have ever used, but it had been a while, so I warmed up with a few other toys for a couple of weeks just to make sure I was ready for something of that size. This had me thinking a lot about my feelings towards anal sex. That is another post at a later date, however.

When I felt I was finally ready I warmed myself up with one of my thinner plugs and got a couple of orgasms out of the way to relax. Then when I felt I was finally ready I took my time. The silicone is medium firmness and so it has just a little give on the muscles which was a blessing to me. I find that firmer anal plugs that are silicone tend to be too much for me.

I loved the feeling of fullness that the size gave, and so I thought one more orgasm before testing its long-term wear wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Not all base, are belong to us.

The number one rule of anal play is simple if it doesn’t have a flared base you don’t put it in your ass. Just don’t.

This rule is now also for me, I don’t put plugs in my ass that doesn’t have a wide base. Because I learned with the Butnik that when my rather large ass squeezes around a plug of this size the base can and WILL go inside of me. I nearly didn’t catch it, but thankfully something halfway through my orgasm did not feel Right TM. I checked the plug and was able to retrieve it before it could turn into a possible ER trip.

Because I knew how my body reacted, I sadly knew that I wouldn’t be giving it another shot. This is not the kind of thing wanted to risk. Which made me sad because until the base stopped working the Butnik plug felt amazing!

Put a Ring on It

Now the ring, it is well not a standard ring as I have always seen those to not be as thick as the ring of the Butnik. It is a softer silicone, that has a lot of stretch without feeling like it is going to snap.

To really test the ring of the Butnik’s ability to fit I slipped it on to a number of toys that I own. I used lube to make it slide easier. Which is a tip I recommend when putting it on the skin as well. The last thing you want is silicone skin burn.

While I didn’t have a physical penis to test it on, letting it sit around three of my fingers to see how it feel only slowed blood flow a little bit. It did not feel like it would be overly snug. However, once I do have a partner I use it with, I will update this section.

Overall, while the Butnik sadly did not work for my body, I know it will work for so many others. If you need a toy that doesn’t have an overly large base for comfort during play, go for this one!

Thank you to Shevibe for sending me the Butnik in return for this fair and honest review. All writing and opinions are my own.

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