Review: Exotic-Erotics Werewolf

Review: Exotic-Erotics Werewolf

I have been pretty open about my kink when it comes to monsters, especially shifters.  So when I was contacted by Exotic-Erotics to review a toy, I jumped at getting my hands on the Werewolf from Exotic-Erotics. Having seen reviews of the medium, I thought I could take it. However, I decided instead to start small as this is my first fantasy toy. I got my Werewolf in small with a medium firmness with a custom color.

Exotic-Erotics Werewolf

Now the color purple I picked, they had a bit of a time trying to get it to match with what I was looking for. But they got as close as they could, and I could not have been more pleased. Against the black of the base, the royal purple just stands out so nicely in my opinion. It arrived in drawstring bag along with instructions for caring for it. The Werewolf Small stands at 7″ inches tall, with a usable length of 5.5″ inches. The head itself is 5″ inches around and the knot is 6.5″ around when you get down to it. Exotic-Erotic also makes it in Medium, Large, and XL.

What About The Knot?

At first, even with lubrication, I was unable to take the knot. The shaft of the toy felt good. Though it only really allowed for shallow thrusts. Like any toy, I found myself having to work up to the knot. Taking my time. Switching between it and a vibrating toy. Allowing myself to relax. Then after a moment, it just popped in.

After that, it makes thrusting inside a little hard. But it allows me to use it with a slight rocking motion. To grind with it inside of me allowing the knot itself to press into my g-spot. While that alone did not give me an orgasm. When paired with one of my favorite clitoral vibrators it really worked well together.

The base which is shaped much like a set of testicles is easy enough to hold on to. I found that the texture that is rather a fur-like. Which made it easy to get a grip when lube would get on my hand. The texture of the base was also a nice treat against my labia. It was a nice teasing stimulation.

I did get it with the medium firmness of the silicone. Which still allowed it for me to stand up well but give it enough flex and squeeze to the silicone that it was able to bend and twist along with me. The silicone that Exotic-Erotics uses is 100% Silicone which is phthalate free, non-porous, odorless and body safe. Because has a matte-like state to it, there is a bit of drag and one does want to use lubrication with it. But I also found that without it, it did not pull at my skin like others have.

For me, the Werewolf Small had me over the moon. At Exotic-Erotics the Werewolf Small starts at $60. Mine would have been $70 with the custom shaft color and the black for the base color.

Thank you to Exotic-Erotics for sending me this toy in exchange for an unbiased review. 

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