Review: Dr. Rocco’s Pleasure Emporium Zeppelina

Review: Dr. Rocco’s Pleasure Emporium Zeppelina

I’ve always been a fan of the allure of the steampunk scene. The style and overall aesthetic have always been something that I loved. That mixture of grit and victorian fashion. Dr. Rocco’s Pleasure Emporium line from Rocks Off delivers that look with some amazing toys. So I took a shot at trying the Zeppelina, a silicone vibrator to see how steamy it was.


The Zeppelina is a silicone vibrator, done in a shimmering deep copper purple color. The texture hatched and dotted like it has been riveted together. The base circled by simple gears, one of them with a heart-shaped middle is the on/off button. Holding it for 3 seconds to activate it and then switch through the 10 different functions. The functions go through a high, medium and low setting. The other 7 all different patterns. The length 7.04″ with Insertable length 6″, and 1.77″ at the widest point.

Charged by USB which is entered at the bottom of the toy it takes two hours to fully charge. Though does in return give four hours of playtime. This also makes the toy waterproof and submersible.

So What Did I Think?

The first thing that caught my eye with the Zeppelina was the color. The brassy purple that shimmered ever so slightly. It glittered almost with lube on it before I used it. While the Zeppelina is made for insertion, I had to try it just for my clit first. The pointed but rounded tip being perfect for a bit of pinpoint vibration. Because of the slight bulge it has, this allowed me to warm up before using it inside me. I often need warm-up with textured toys, or the texture is too much. However, the texture on this one is so light that I did not feel it, even when using it on my outer labia.

The vibrations are powerful and rumbly, the toy having no wiggle or jiggle to any of its parts. Even on the highest setting, it is right about where I would put most of the higher vibration toys starting out. It was pleasant without being overpowering. As far as the patterns go, it cycles through some of the standards. From revving up to the more cha-cha like patterns, giving a good variety for any user.

Close up of the Zeppelina button, a heart shaped cog with the Rocks Off logo inside it
Close up of the On/Off button

When it comes to downsides, there was only one that I found. It was the on/off/change patterns button. For me it was a little hard to find during use, it doesn’t feel any different than the rest of the base. Plus you really don’t have to push down hard. So if your finger slips over it when you aren’t paying attention you can suddenly go from one thing to the next. Once I got the hang of where it was, I was able to avoid it. But there was a small learning curve to using it!

Overall Thoughts

Often for me, toys that have a very niche aesthetic tend to fall short for me. But with the Zeppelina I was pleasantly surprised! It would not only be a great beginner toy for someone who wants something with a little more girth. But also it makes a great toy for someone who is really into all things Steampunk.

You can get your own Zeppelina at these wonderful shops that I am affiliated with SheVibe ($59.99), Betty’s Toy Box ($89.99), or Good Vibes ($89.99) 1

But Wait! There is more!

Want to win your very own Zeppelina and extra goodies from me! You are in luck! I am running this contest from now until February 14th for you to have your chance to enter to win! Please note, the prize is being shipped by me so I can only at this time ship to inside the United States. I will hopefully have a contest soon for winners outside of the US!

Dr Rocco’s Pleasure Emporium Zeppelina

  1. All prices at the time of posting, may not be current when you visit the site

5 thoughts on “Review: Dr. Rocco’s Pleasure Emporium Zeppelina

  1. The purple is so gorgeous with the steampunk aesthetic. I also am surprised by the 4 hour play time on a single charge… that’s amazing! I found your insta and I love it.

  2. This looks super fun. I’ve never had a vibe that has different vibration patterns, just different intensity levels. I’d love to win this and give those patterns a try!

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