Review: Colours Yum Yum 8 Inch

Review: Colours Yum Yum 8 Inch

NS Novelties has a wide arrangement of singular toys and toy lines in their repertoire. And now to add to that is the Colours Yum Yum line, a small line of dildos in swirling berries and cream colors. Their look certainly drew me in when Peepshow Toys offered them to me for a review. And that didn’t change once I got the one in my hands. 

Colours Yum Yum Stats

The Colours Yum Yum is an 8 Inch, marbled silicone dildo. There are also two smaller versions in 7 inches and 6 inches. And all the size options come with two color options: sky blue/white and purple/white. The silicone of the Yum Yum is extremely firm to the touch, offering no give when squeezed. The silicone itself is a satin finish, so it is smooth to the touch. It comes in a very realistic shape, with a firm ridge on the head and a vein-like texture over the body. The base of the Yum Yum is a suction cup that sticks to just about any smooth surface. This also makes it harness compatible. 

Because it is made of body-safe silicone, you will want to only use water-based lubrication with the Yum Yum. And to clean it, you can easily wash it in soap and hot water, pop it in the dishwasher/boiling water to sanitize it, or just simply wipe it down with a water and bleach solution. 


  • 2.2 inches width
  • 8 inches insertable length 
  • 8.7 inches total length

So What Did I Think?

First off, I love the colors of the Yum Yum! The layering and marbling of the white and purple in mine just have so many pretty moments in it. Plus, even though it is purple, it is much more of a pinkish purple than the royal purple that so many toy makers use. As someone with an abundance of purple toys, it is a nice shake-up. 

But the thing that surprised me most was how firm and dense the silicone is! While not the densest of toys I have ever used/owned, 1 it comes in at number two. I can at least give it just the smallest of squishes when I press the Yum Yum between two fingers. Now because the silicone is so firm, that means the ridge on the head is great for G-spot or prostate stimulation. It also means that you can feel the texture of the veins on the shaft of the Yum Yum. Though I will note, I found because of the coloration, they are hard to see. So yes there is a texture to this dildo! 

When it came to using the Yum Yum, I found that I really didn’t enjoy it personally for full penetration. The particular firmness of the head was a little rough against my cervix and actually had me feeling it poking against my IUD. But using it for shallow penetration to rock the head of the Yum Yum against my G-spot? That was perfect. The sensation was close to what my Pure Wand feels like, just without the slick feelings of the steel. The silicone has a little bit of drag to it even with lubrication because of the texture. 

Because of the firmness of the Yum Yum, it holds up rather rigidly in a harness. This is really great if you prefer to have more control of your dildo when using a harness. I have found that the less flop a dildo has, the easier it is to maneuver it during use in a harness

Overall Thoughts 

For me, the Colours Yum Yum 8 inch dildo was great for a G-spotting toy. But I can tell from the firmness of the silicone that those who do enjoy that feeling against the cervix will also enjoy this toy. And while it is realistic, those unique colors keep it from feeling too real. 

You can get the Colours Yum Yum in three different sizes, each with two different colors at Peepshow Toys! The 8 inch shown in this review is priced at $49.99.

Thank you to Peepshow Toys for sending the Colours Yum Yum to me in exchange for this review. All writing and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links that go towards supporting this blog.

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  1. That award goes to the Tantus Anaconda which has been discontinued.

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