Review: Cultured Fiction Labs Bud Plug

Review: Cultured Fiction Labs Bud Plug

In a quest to try more fantasy toys this year, I was lucky enough to have Cultured Fiction Labs1 recently reach out to me. They are a small fantasy maker on Etsy who has only just started out, but already they make some lovely fantasy toys! Their current selection is all very plant and fauna based which is just a fun theme.

The Bud Plug sitting on a background of black with many white petal like flecks.
My Bud Plug

Bud Plug

The Bud Plug is a butt plug that is shaped like a flower bud that has yet to bloom. A many-petaled bud sits atop a simple stem and thin but rounded oval-shaped base. Which evokes the thought of rhododendron or clover flowers.

Bud Plug Size Chart from Two Four Love

It comes in six different sizes! Ranging from the smallest that starts at 4″ inches tall and 1.6″ inches at its fullest point. To 5.25 inches tall to 2.52″ at its largest point. So there is a lot of choices to find what size works well for you. They also allow you to customize the firmness and colors as well! There are so many ways to make it all fit you.

Also what I loved was their shipping! My plug came wrapped in a simple piece of fabric tied up with ribbon. It is what I used for the background of the pictures because it was so lovely!

So What Did I Think

Let us start with the shape, this is pretty standard as far as but plug shapes go. However, I really like the detail of making it floral. It has an almost softness to it that is a fun thing to play with. The idea of a very kinky dryad or other plant-based monsters come to mind.

When it came to size and firmness, I went with Medium with a Medium Firmness. Too often plugs are too hard for me and have no give. But I did not want it to be a floppy plug. So this seemed like the best choice and I was right. While it is too heavy at the top to hold itself upright, that is not an issue when it is inside of me. There was just enough firmness for me to feel safe with it.

The But Plug butt plug being squished in the middle by hand of a white person.
Showing Off The Squish

The texture of the plug is noticeable, but it was pleasurable during insertion. As the texture is rounded rather than sharp or pointed. So it was still very smooth. The thin oval base makes it not only easy to wear for long periods. I found that the firmness helped because I could easily sit and not feel it digging into my skin. It made using it during masturbation wonderful because I got the full feeling, without any discomfort.

Overall Thoughts

The Bud Plug from Cultured Fiction Labs is actually in its second version as the makers took a lot of feedback from customers to change it up. After looking at how it was before, especially making the base more oval-shaped I love the changes. With their size and firmness range, it takes a simple plug and makes it so anyone can use it.

While it does range from $30 to $41 dollars, this also is changed up with if you want glitter or holo glitter. But with how much customization you get, I find the price reasonable.

Thank you Cultured Fiction Labs for sending me this plug with no obligation to review. I did this because I want to spread the word of more wonderful independent makers. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

  1. Once known as Two Four Love

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