Queer Witchcraft Resources

Queer Witchcraft Resources

I grew up in a time, where getting information on Witchcraft and Paganism was a little bit rough. You either had a limited number of books or what information you could find at the start of the internet (footnote)We are talking AOL dial-up days(/footnote). And during that time, I don’t remember a single book or resource that was for LGBTQA+ practicers. Thankfully that has changed a lot, and I just wanted to honestly put them in an easy findable list to help Witches new and old alike! My goal is to gather as many resources as I can across a spectrum of mediums.

This will be a living post, updated as frequently as I am able with new resources as they come along. If you want to be on this list or know something that should be on this list. Please leave it in the use the form below or email me (witchofthewands @ gmail.com). Once I have reviewed the Book, Podcast, Blog, Article, or Miscellaneous source, it will then most likely go up onto the list.

Please note, this list will not contain anything that is transphobic, queerphobic, racist, or contains hate speech.

This article does contain affiliate codes for various items. Using them goes towards supporting this blog. 

(Last Update: December 2021)



  • Heathen’s Journey – Norse paganism, Traditional Witchcraft, folk magic through a Queer lens. (Active)
  • The Queer Witch – explores the intersection between queerness and witchcraft. (Not Currently Active)
  • Witches Betwixt – a collective of queer witches representing a wide variety of magical practices and spiritual paths. Discussing various topics relevant to the experience of a queer witch. (Active)





Add To This List

If there is something you think should be added to this list! Fill out the form below and I will check it out. Please note, this list will not contain anything that is transphobic, queerphobic, racist or contains hate speech.

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