First thanks to Lilly of Dangerous Lilly who has a wonderful policies page and I drew much of my own inspiration for mine. I have borrowed the basic layout, but these are my own policies. Please read them carefully before contacting me.

Content and Sponsorship:

  • Reviews and Review Terms
  • Products
  • Sponsored Posts, Guest Posts, Free Content
  • Link Exchanges
  • Advertising
  • Social media posts
  • Quoting/using my posts/photos

Personal Policies:

  • Advice & Sex toy recommendations
  • Asking me to join your affiliate program
  • Morality Clause
  • Contacting me


Content And Sponsorship

Reviews and Review Terms

Currently, I am only accepting reviews of products so long as they are carried by one of the companies that I am affiliated with. If it is carried on multiple sites it will be linked to all of the stores that carry it so that my readers may make their choice depending on their preference.


When an item is sent to me for review, I will not pay for it or send it back. Any stipulations about the review, timeframe requirements and other requests should be worked out and cleared by both parties before the product is sent. Though I will try to have my reviews out in 2 months time depending on my schedule as my time cannot always accommodate for a quick turn out unless it is already been agreed upon.

Once a product has been sent, I will be posting a review that is honest. This does not preclude a positive review, I will reserve the right to publish my full opinion. I will not work with a company that wants control my language or opinion before the post goes live. While I will refrain from linking directly to a competitors site in the review of your product, though I will link to my own posts about any product that I may have compared it to or spoke of as I see fit. I may also post to fellow blogger reviews of your product or a similar at my own discretion. While I am affiliated with Amazon I only use that for book reviews that I have done in the past or may do in the future if the book I have reviewed is not offered on a site that I work with.


At this time I am looking to review sex toys, BDSM equipment/implements/accessories, and books. When it comes to sex toys, I will not review anything that is not made of a body safe material. Also, book reviews unless a timeline is given for when the review needs to be in by will sometimes take time as I have to be able to have the time to actually read the material.

Other Posts (Sponsored, Guest, etc.)

Sponsored posts are something that I am happy to do if I believe that your company is one I would feel comfortable sending my readers to and if the post is something that I would normally write. I will not accept sponsored posts where you write the content and I do not want to write something that reads like an advertisement. I can be emailed about content and rates.

Guest posts only happen very rarely, they will often happen if a reader or person I am close to wishes to review a product that perhaps they bought or even that I am not one to often review. They must be a product available from one of my affiliates. Guest posts will only have links that I add myself. Guest posts will never be allowed from another website.

Link Exchanges

I only put links on my site when it is one that I enjoy and read on a regular basis. This will tend to be my fellow bloggers, that I choose to promote and share the work of. Or other sites that fit with my blog that I feel comfortable promoting.


Banners: Banner ads will be placed on Banner sizes allow are 150×150 or 150×250 as I need to keep it to those sizes for my layout. Please contact me for current rates, note that I am not accepting month to month ads. The minimum amount of time I allow for a prepay in advance is 3 months worth of advertising.

Discounts will be available for those who are looking to prepay 6 or 12 months in advance. Your site and the ad needs to be relevant to my content.

Terms:  Invoices will be sent from Paypal, and payments need to be made in US funds. Payment of your invoice indicates your acceptance of the following terms and policies:

All sales are final – no claims or guarantees are made regarding the performance of advertising.

There are no refunds once your ad has been placed on my site, there is no early termination.

Social Media Posts

At this time, I will only feel comfortable doing social media posts for sites or business that I feel fit my brand and my current content. The social media posts will be written by me and payment must be made up front. Payment and terms can be discussed by contacting me. Though I will always use hashtags to clarify that a post was written and paid for.

Quoting me/Using my Work

Linking to my work is find and does not need direct approval. If you are quoting me please do not alter my words in any fashion and credit me as either Meg or the site Witch of the Wands. If you would like to use any of my pictures, please contact me with where you plan to use them and how. All pictures will have my watermark on them and cannot be altered from their original state. You must attribute them to Witch of the Wands.


Personal Policies

Advice and Recommendations

In my reviews, I try to answer every question that I can think of that a reader will have. So my first suggestion is to please check my reviews to see what I have already tried. However, I do know I miss some things so I will always try to answer comments or emails you may have. I also take questions in my DM’s on Twitter.

Joining Affiliate Programs

Right now I am being very picky with any affiliate programs, I will only work with those who do offer products to review. While it does not have to be a consistent stream of reviews, but a one time review will not drive the same traffic for either myself or the site I am reviewing for. Your shop should carry primarily body-safe, non-porous sex toys, but it should also have a broad range of items. I find that people are less inclined to shop heavily curated sites because they want to see other options, and perhaps buy more than one item at a time.

Morality Clause

As this is my blog, I reserve the right to edit or remove reviews, or ads associated with any company whose business practices, marketing campaigns, and/or if people employed within the company are found to be sexist, racist, transphobic, homophobic or fat-shaming. If I find that your company isn’t trustworthy with communications and privacy, I will also cut contact.

Contacting Me

The best way to contact me is via Email (witchofthewands (at) gmail (dot) com), I tend to respond between 24 and 48 hours to anything sent to me, but sometimes it can take longer depending on what my schedule is like. I can also be contacted by Direct Message on Twitter but after a time I will suggest moving it to my email to keep a more consistent record of any conversations on things like rates or payment.