Favorite Body Positive CrashPadSeries Episodes

Favorite Body Positive CrashPadSeries Episodes

There is a lot of porn out there, like seriously a lot. From sites that you can get for free, to those you can pay for clips made by various sex workers. Though one of my favorite places to find porn that I want to watch is always CrashPadSeries. Not only because of their ethical practices. But because it is easy for me to find porn featuring bodies that look close to mine. Without the fetishization that comes with ‘BBW’ porn on more mainstream sites.

And while CrashPad has over 300 episodes, I decided to share with you my favorite scenes featuring fat performers!

Papi Femme using a knife along Apri Flores’ fishnet covered leg (Credit: CrashPadSeries)

Episode 298: April Flores and Papi Femme 

This is not the first time I have written about this scene! I reviewed it through live tweets over on my Twitter for #SexEdPornReview. And you can check out all of that here on CrashPadSeries’ blog. I have gone back to this scene so many times. Not only are April and Papi just amazingly hot it ticks so many of my kinks. From fishnet ripping to knifeplay this is a hot, and heavy scene from start to finish. Plus you can also find so many other super hot scenes with April Flores in them, who is my fat femme idol.

Aleister Church worshiping Anna Anthropy’s boot. (Credit: CrashPadSeries)

Episode 173: Aleister Church and Anna Anthropy

One of my favorite things about any scenes I can find on CrashPad, is I get to sometimes learn about new things. While I am not into bootlicking myself, once I watched this scene I could tell why others like it. Watching Aleister licking Anna’s boots was a very reverent moment and I am always here for worship. You can tell how eager Aleister is to do a good job and earn their reward.

Cinnamon Maxxine and Kissy Burgundy laughing and hugging. (Credit: CrashPadSeries)

Episode 288: Cinnamon Maxxine and Kissy Burgundy

I love a scene with a lot of laughter between the two performers. And this one fits that bill! Cinnamon and Kissy are absolutely adorable with one another, and their chemistry is super hot to boot! Plus getting to watch Kissy not use one but two Magic Wands for the first time is amazing. Another thing I love about this scene is the use of textured gloves. It shows how using barriers is not only something you should do. But how it can add to the scene!

Brooklyn Flaco spanking Golden Curlz. (Credit: CrashPadSeries)

Episode 190: Brooklyn Flaco and Golden Curlz

This scene I found after watching Golden Curlz solo scene! But what drew me into this one was the paddling at the beginning. I am always here for a good spanking scene. For me, spanking is a perfect warm-up to some amazingly hot sex. The scene between Brooklyn and Golden Curlz proves that because once the strapon came out. I seriously was blown away by how hot the scene was. Also, can I just say how much I adore the pink Doc Martins that Golden Curlz is sporting in this scene? I pay so much attention to performers’ clothes.

Pepper on top of Trouble sliding a dildo between their breasts. (Credit: CrashPadSeries)

Episode 55: Pepper and Trouble

You can go back so far in the CrashPadSeries Episodes and you are always going to find different body types. When I happened across this very early scene I quickly added it to my favorites. The chemistry is hot and this is another scene with ripping fishnets. Watching two people who are so very clearly into one another like Pepper and Trouble makes the scene perfect.

These are just a handful of some of the amazing scenes actors who you can find on CrashPad. Everyone no matter what their body type should be able to feel like they are sexy and that they deserve pleasure. I am so glad that we have a place like CrashPadSeries to film these amazing scenes so that others can enjoy them!

If you are looking for some amazing ethical, inclusive, and very queer porn. You should join CrashPadSeries today!

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