Review: Njoy Pure Wand

Review: Njoy Pure Wand

To be very honest, I have had the Njoy Pure Wand in my toy collection for almost 10 years now. Splurging on myself for my birthday/holiday gift. And by splurge, I mean using all the points I had saved up on a certain site many sex toy bloggers used long ago. For me as a baby blogger, this was a pinnacle luxury toy to obtain. I remember taking it from the box, looking down at it as it sat couched in fuchsia satin. It was love at first sight.

But my dear reader, it was not loved at first use. The Pure Wand by Njoy was just so lauded at the time as ‘the best dildo ever’. That I found myself actually just a little intimidated by such an esteemed dildo. Much like the Hermit card in the tarot, it held experience in the heavy steel. The experience that I someone still on their fool’s journey into sex toys at the time was not prepared for.

The pure wand standing atop a moutain like The Hermit card in a tarot deck.
The Pure Wand depicted as The Hermit from The Vibrating Tarot (Credit: Pallor Publishing)

I couldn’t bring myself to use my new Pure Wand for almost a year!

The Pure Wand was 24 oz 1 of stainless steel intimidation to me at the time. I had read so many accounts of how this toy had made others ejaculate! An experience I had not yet had! Was I ready for something so intense? Could I be worthy of using a toy that was so expensive? Would I enjoy this or would it be another toy that everyone else loved, but I hated it? I literally psyched myself out. This was 10 inches (8″ if you measure from head to head) of curved goodness and I wanted so much to love it. The 1″ and 1.5″ bulbs, would catch the light when I opened the box making it glimmer. But it stayed there, alone in its plush containment while I worked up the courage to use it. There was also the chance of using this toy anally, but that was a whole other thing to work up to!

So, what happened when I did finally use the Pure Wand?

So to tell you about my feelings I want to talk about my first time and my most recent times using the Pure Wand. My Pure Wand experience has been a journey much like that of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Going from the fool at the start unknowing, to 10 years later with so much wisdom behind me like the Hermit.

Pure Wand sitting next to The Fool and The Hermit card from The Crystal Visions Deck.
The Pure Wand, The Fool, and The Hermit. (Crystal Visions Deck)

0 The Fool

The first time I used my Pure Wand, it was a disaster, to be honest. Not because of the toy. But because I had no idea how to really make it work for me. I kept trying to use the larger end. Assuming that larger would mean better orgasm. Larger would mean that it would get my Gspot no matter what. I did remember to just load up on lube, which helped a bit. But the large bulb, tend to just become stuck inside me. Moving against my Gspot sure, but it was not able to move much.

The weight was also a trial for me. The heavy solid steel was much heftier than any toy I had used thus far. So my arms grew tired quicker which often led to me just grabbing a vibrator instead. I should have started slow, built up my stamina and strength when using it. But I was still so starry-eyed that it in the beginning.

9 The Hermit

Over the ten years of owning the Pure Wand, each time I use it is now with the knowledge I have learned over time. I use it when I am craving a deep stimulation that normally another person’s fingers can achieve. From using the smaller bulb and holding it by the large one for more control. To using only an oil-based lube instead of silicone or water. Making the steel glide inside of me with ease. I take it slow and use my vibrators in tandem with it!

That combination, allows me to have a deep orgasm that I feel in my bones. The kind of orgasm that feels like it is being pulled out of me achingly slow but that leaves me quivering. Taking the time to really work my body up to it rather than trying to go hard and fast. Sometimes it leads to ejaculation, sometimes it doesn’t. Though I do always put down a throw to keep my bed from getting soaked when I do.

It took me time to really learn what my body needed to enjoy this toy. It was a journey of ups and downs. Sore arms and lost orgasms. But when I listened to my body, I finally found my groove. And I am glad that I took the time to really figure it out before I spoke up about my feelings towards it. It is still not a toy that I use all the time. Due to the curve of the toy-making it sometimes hard to use because I have a larger stomach. But when I am craving a very particular orgasm I grab it. Because nothing else can do that job.

The Pure Wand is a wand you have to take time with and be ready to experiment. Learn not to just use it like everything else because it treats everyone differently.

The Pure Wand sitting atop many tarot cards all facing with their backs upwards.

A Thought On Anal

When it comes to Anal, the Pure Wand is amazing for that. Or so I have read. This is not something I personally have been able to accomplish because I am not the biggest fan of anal. And because I cannot reach properly due to my stomach. Which is just another part of listening to your body. I will say with a partner I could use it in that fashion, it is just not a perk of the toy I have partaken in.

Parting Thoughts

My ownership of a Njoy Pure Wand has been a lot of ups and downs. While I don’t always use it. It is still a top toy of mine because of the unique kind of pleasure that I get from it. For some, you will be able to get the hang of it quickly. But others like me will find it takes a bit of a learning curve to get it right. So take your time to really research this one before you dive headfirst into it. Below are three sources I recommend checking out for more info.

  • Super Smash Cache – Great review, but also talks about alternatives to the Pure Wand.
  • Phallophile Reviews – This is a great way to learn tips and tricks on how to use this toy! I used it a lot.
  • Erika Lynae – For those who are visual learners, this comes with a YouTube video.

Where To Buy?

Njoy’s Pure Wand is carried by many shops both in stores and online. Below are a few of my favorite shops that carry the Pure Wand! So that you can purchase from whichever you like!

Do you own a Pure Wand? What do you think about it and what was your learning curve like? Feel free to share in the comments below!

Also, check out the Vibrating Tarot! A project of Pallor Publishing who created the lovely Hermit card featuring the Njoy Pure Wand.

This review does contain affiliate links. Though the Pure Wand was purchased with my own funds and all opinions are my own. If you do grab one, check out my links as it goes towards supporting my blog.

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