2019 Goals: The Year of More

2019 Goals: The Year of More

My 2018 has been a whirlwind of events. Starting this blog, moving, and going to my first conference. Those three things have been huge milestones for me. It made me realize what I am capable of. Even on short notice. They allowed me to learn new skills, experience new things, and grow in my community. Of course, I want my 2019 to be no different. Continuing to grow is my biggest goal. Though within those goals, there are my own milestones that I want to reach.

Write More

The biggest milestone is writing more. Putting more of myself on the page. My thoughts and feelings on polyamory. How the world works living with my polyam family. The ways that kink has helped me. Though also fun things like my character collections, reviews, and more. This year I had been a little shy about that, though I am trying my hardest to live out loud more. To share my experiences. To share my journey that I have set out on in my life.

But this also counts for journaling. I want to get used to writing by hand again. Also, journaling also is a serious self-care thing. I can always tell how I am feeling based on my writing. Even if it is just early morning journaling to get the cobwebs out.

Get Out More

Woodhull was an amazing experience for me. Going to a conference. Learning from my peers. Meeting and making new friends. I want to do that more. For my 2019 I want to get out more. Not only to another conference such as Poly Dallas or Sex Down South. But to local meetups for kink, non-monogamy, and other sex friendly events. Step out of my introverted shell. There are things to experience even in one’s own backyard and I just have to get out there.

I also want to just, go to more places. Get to know the city I am living in. Take in more culture and art. I want to start seeing more of the world. Even if it is just in my own backyard. Hopefully, some of these adventures can be had with my wonderful partners.

More Love

I want to work and grow with my relationships. There is that. But for me, when I say more love. I mean more love for myself. I want to work on loving me. The person I see in the mirror. The person who I am to the world. The body I have been given. While it was certainly also a 2018 goal, I don’t plan to stop working on it. Loving myself is a twenty-four-seven thing. Even on those days when I maybe don’t feel it, I still try to practice even the smallest bit of self-care.

Wearing what I love. Taking more selfies. Learning what I do love about all the parts of my body, even those I don’t love that much. Accentuating the parts of me that I love the most. Falling in love with who I am becoming.

More Magic

I’ll be honest, sharing my witchy side has been a little hard. For me, it is a vulnerable and still kind of raw after keeping it inside for so long. Though a lot of things with my sexuality tie into my spirituality as I have written about before. I want to write more about these things, delve deeper into them and share. From thoughts on energy work, UPG1 about various Gods/Goddesses, and even perhaps some ritual work. I haven’t quite narrowed it down, but I am excited to share it. 

The Year of More

2019 is my year of more. I am giving myself a chance to be perhaps a little greedy. A little more focused on myself. Just more. I want to continue to grow into more of who I am. My goals pushing me towards living my best life. 


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